So you love to dab and are wondering what accessories are best to add to your collection this fall. We’ve got you covered! Look at these fun fall activities and the perfect accessory to pair with each occasion. There are so many fun additions for your dabbing collection, from exquisite glass creations to high-tech gadgets. Let’s dive in!

Portable Dag Rig or Vaporizor for the Fall Foliage Hike

There’s no need to leave your concentrates at home when you venture into the woods to see fall colors this year. For some, the smoke sesh at the trail’s end or mountaintop is a reward for completing the hike. 

This fall, pack your portable dab rig or vape in your backpack with some snacks and, of course, some water. These small apparatuses are the perfect size and weight to bring on your hike without adding any undue weight to your pack. Enjoy the reds, yellows, and orange leaves this year with a bit of green sweetleaf. 

E-nail Dab Rig for The Crowd at the Halloween Party

Dabbing can be a dangerous business if you don’t have a practiced hand with a blow torch. If you want dabs to be accessible to the whole party, investing in an electronic nail dab rig might be a good idea. 

This type of dab rig doesn’t require a torch. Instead, plug your nail into the wall (or come with its battery charged) and let it heat up. It is safer and will also ensure you heat it to the perfect temperature to avoid wasting product. 

Open up the wonderful world of dabs to your party guests this Halloween!

Nectar Collector Dab Straws with a Sweet Autumnal Treat

It’s not autumn without some apple cider donuts or a pumpkin spice pastry. Grab your favorite fall treat and a hot cup of cider or spiced wine, light a scented candle, and enjoy a dab or two with an easy-to-use nectar collector honey straw. 

This Pickle Rick Dab Straw by Empire Glassworks is perfect for all Rick and Morty fans. Kick back and watch the new season with some sweet treats and this handy dab accessory that every household needs. 

Cosmic Carb Cap for Your E-Dab Rig on a Cozy Night In 

Have you invested in a carb cap for your dab accessory collection yet? A carb cap is a tool that can improve heat flow and airflow direction for a better dab.

Don’t waste a single puff of your concentrate on one of those classic blustery fall nights at the scary movie night — cop a cute and cozmic narwhal dabber carb cap to add to the atmosphere and conserve your product. You can head for the stars from the comfort of your couch. This eye-catching accessory will give you the added benefit of impressing your friends!

Treat the Scorpio in Your Life to the Perfect Pipe

Almost all of us have a Scorpio in our lives that we love. This fall, treat them to a birthday gift they won’t forget! You can go big or small with waterpipes. Perhaps you think a hand pipe will suit your Scorpio loved one better than a large rig or pipe.

Pipes are great for dry flower, but you can also spice it up with a snake of concentrate on top for a fun flourish. Smaller, hand-held pipes are great easily transportable and often sturdier than a larger piece. Whether at home or on the go — always consume responsibly!

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