We all have a person who is a dabber at heart, a connoisseur of concentrates, if you will. Maybe you are that person. Whether you’re after a pipe, a vape, a dab straw, or any other concentrate accessory, we have you covered this holiday season with all the different devices and products you’ll need to satisfy the cannabis concentrate lover in your life. We’ve got products in every price range, and we also are shouting out a couple of discounts you’ll want to be aware of. Happy shopping!

Dip Devices’ EVRI Starter Pack

EVRI by Dip Devices is a multifunctional consumption solution. This starter pack includes the vape and several attachments which allow concentrate consumption in different ways. One side connects to 510 cartridges, and one side connects to refillable e-juice pods. This device was specifically engineered to evolve with consumption, so more attachments will come soon.

Whenever you purchase a Dip Devices product, you can rest assured your dollars are going toward a good cause. One percent of all EVRI sales are donated to drug policy reform via the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). MPP works on nationwide cannabis legalization and reform initiatives. SSDP is an organization of students from across the United States and the world organizing and lobbying for drug policy reform. You can tailor the color of your vape to the social cause you care most about as well: 

  • Black: Racial Justice
  • Red: Blood Donation Activism
  • Blue: Marine Conservation
  • Green: Reforestation and Land Conservation
  • Orange: Fighting Food Insecurity 

Full-Spectrum CBD Dabs from Crystal Creek Organics

Crystal Creek Organics’ dank CBD dabs come in a dizzying 18 strains. This product combines premium full-spectrum hemp distillate with all-natural, plant-derived terpenes. Each gram contains 500mg of CBD  and is rich in other cannabinoids such as CBDV, CBG, CBC, and CBN. Cannabis products rich in terpenes and cannabinoids may produce more significant therapeutic effects, thanks to the entourage effect. Since this is a full-spectrum cannabis product, it also contains trace amounts of THC enriched with terpenes to make a perfect dab for any rig.

The product comes in Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains from which to choose. This product is perfect for the person who loves to dab but is perhaps weaning off THC for whatever reason or prefers a CBD-rich product. 

Nuvata’s Mind-Body Lifestyle Vape Series 

If you’re in the market for a new vape or know someone who is, the Mind-Body vape series released by Nuvata is tailored to fit your cannabis concentrate experience based on your lifestyle, desired effects, and preferences. You can take a quiz to learn exactly which Nuvata vape is perfect for you. The vapes come in a variety of different colors, strains and flavors. You’re sure to find the perfect one to fit you! 

The NX ULTRA9 Limited Edition Midnight Bundle

The NX ULTRA9 Bundle has everything any serious dabber might want or need to enjoy their favorite concentrates. It’s also great for the well-rounded cannabis consumer since it includes a heating chamber for dried cannabis flower. This package contains the Hydrology9 NX with Flower and Concentrate heating chambers, a leather carrying case, the Atomic9, and the Tectonic9. You’ll save $170 when you purchase this package for a limited time. 

Rokin Multicolored 510 Thread Dab Cap

Maybe you’re not trying to break the bank this holiday season or have a limit for Yankee swap spending. We’ve all been there. You can always get the concentrate lover in your life something small and thoughtful like the Rokin Multicolored 510 Thread Dab Cap. It comes in a variety of different color combinations. Rokin is running a holiday sale right now where you can get 30% off products with code HOLIDAY30. Plus, you can get free shipping for purchases over $50.

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