We accept MotaCoin! At, we accept various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. MotaCoin is a new decentralized, secured cryptocurrency which provides users a safer, more legitimate, way to purchase products within the industry. With the use of their wallet, users can safely store, send and receive their holdings digitally.

Mobile Android Wallet:

Desktop Windows Wallet:

Desktop macOS Wallet:

Purchase MotaCoin at the TradeSatoshi Exchange:

Keep Track of your crypto using the Blockfolio App:

You can choose ‘Bitcoin/Altcoin’ as your payment method at checkout and automatically save 5% on your order. With Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, PotCoin and Vertcoin, you can complete your payment instantly, using our express checkout method. To pay using MotaCoin, send your order total to the following address: 

If you are using the MotaCoin Android app you can scan the following QR code to make a payment


  Send us an email with your order number to confirm your transaction. Once the transaction is approved, your order status will be set to ‘Processing’. Cryptocurrency transactions are approved almost instantly, and therefore these orders process and ship out quicker than when purchasing using traditional payment methods.

Track your payment using MotaCoin’s Blockchain Explorer:

Please make sure you send the full, correct amount of MotaCoin when placing an order. The amount of MotaCoin is based on the current MOTA Price. This price is displayed on the Blockfolio app, MotaCoin Blockchain Explorer, and TradeSatoshi Exchange.

Any orders pending for payment will not be processed until the full amount is received. For more information contact us via Live Chat or Email:


Official MotaCoin Website: