Sutra S-Type Review

      The Sutra S-Type Vaporizer is the most advanced portable vaporizer by Sutra Personal Vape. This premium hybrid vaporizer has lots to offer and truly does not disappoint. From the packaging to the vapor production, the S-Type Vaporizer meets all expectations for a consistent quality yielding vape pendesigned for both dried herbs and concentrates.

      The S-Type Vaporizer kit includes a cleaning tool, wall charger, and user manual. It’s design has a very familiar aesthetic similar to that of an Xbox controller. The S-Type Vaporizer is surprisingly comfortable due to the cutaway corners on each side which provides a more relaxed and casual experience. The outer shell of the vaporizer is constructed from heat temperature poly-carbonates that withstand the rigors of daily use and help keep the S-Type cool to the touch.

      The mouthpiece has a flush design and is secured by 4 ultra-strength magnets that snaps into place. Just take your blend of dried herbs and loosely fill the ceramic heating chamber and then snap the mouthpiece back into place. To avoid making a mess, it’s easier to let your dried herbs slide into the chamber–thanks to it’s easy loading paved design.

      To activate the heat cycle for the S-Type vaporizer click the power button 3 times. There are 4 separate temperature settings; Low, Medium, and High Settings for dried herbs and a fourth temperature setting for herbal concentrates. In order to cycle through each setting simply hold down the power button for 4 seconds. (Level 1 = 390 degrees, Level 2 = 420 degrees, Level 3 = 450 degrees, Level 4 = 480 degrees). The S-Type also features a hybrid ceramic core oven, that allows for a heat-up time under 30 seconds, and a dual cell (7.4v 2600 mAh) battery that allows for hours of vaping. This vaporizer charges incredibly fast and has a built-in auto safety shut off features which maximizes battery life while allowing the use of this premium vape pen at any altitude for hours.

      The hybrid ceramic core oven is the most efficient ceramic oven on the market. This advanced heating chamber produces high vapor density typically reserved for desktop vaporizers like the Volcano. Most portable vaporizers have a more restricted airflow which makes it harder to capture the full flavor of your vapor. The Sutra S-Type has been designed for optimal air flow and ultimate portability.

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      Each S-Type vaporizer is RoHS certified and must pass certain Quality Control procedures before making it out into the retail market. Nevertheless, each Sutra S-Type Vaporizer is backed by a full 2-year manufacturers warranty towards normal use.

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Sutra S-Type Unboxing

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