What is RoHS?

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      In a world run by electronics it is necessary to analyze our devices and the components that we use incessantly. Nearly everything we operate throughout the day has electrical ingredients that make up our equipment. From microwaves to televisions and everything in between, our life is truly geared by technology.

      Smartphones have replaced telephones and ambitiously combined the use of a calculator, computer, and camera into one device. As consumers, we have been impetuously thrown into a world where electronics have even replaced more intimate antiquated items such as books, watches and cigarettes.

      The innovation of cigarettes has been a reminder of the future we exist in. Instead of the traditional rolled cigarette we now have the electronic cigarette or E-Cig for short. The demand for this new technology has surpassed the means of educating the public and regulating the standard. Chinese manufacturers are quick to dominate the e-cig market and in result we are subjected to faulty products which can lead to serious health concerns.

      One of the main components in an e-cig and nearly any other rechargeable device is the lithium-ion battery. Lithium is flammable and potentially explosive when exposed to air or water. It is important that manufactures follow strict guidelines to ensure that the quality of a product is safe. There have been more concerns over the manufacturing quality of e-cigs when a vape pen exploded in the mouth of a Florida resident leaving part of his tongue and a few of his teeth missing.

Lithium battery explosion

      RoHS is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It is a quality control standard that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances used in electrical and electronic components such as vaporizers. It is mainly referred to a lead-free directive but more accurately restricts the use of mercury and cadmium as well. Due to the fact that electronic cigarettes are immensely popular in today’s society—isn’t it vital that we understand more about the components we use to put substances into our body?

“RoHS is the Restriction of Hazardous Substances”

      RoHS is a safety guideline for electronic manufacturers established by the European Union, but it isn’t necessarily a law that is adopted by every other country. There are different versions of RoHS compliance from state to state. In a country where costly manufacturing surpasses civil liberties a RoHS stamp can be placed on any product without any validity.

E-cig explodes while charging

      It is important that we recognize the production quality of goods especially when we use them as religiously as we use vaporizers and e-cigs. Governments and organizations are starting to acknowledge this concern more and by enacting laws that restrict the import and export of popular electronic devices—the thought of ingesting the byproducts of a device that uses mercury and lead in its components would hopefully become as irrelevant as the traditional means of smoking.

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