Though it’s not on the level of 4/20 yet, more and more people are incorporating cannabis into their holiday celebrations. Whether you’re hosting a stoner Secret Santa, shopping for everyone on your list, or buying yourself a little Christmas present, Heady Treasures is here with our favorite gifts for the 2023 holiday season. 

Many of these companies are native to Massachusetts, meaning Bay State residents can get their hands on some of our favorite cannabis products this winter. No worries if you’re out of state, though — plenty of these gift ideas can still be shipped nationwide.

1. Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Kit Kat Strawberry Wafer Bites from Japan

When stuffing a stocking for your favorite stoner, it can be tempting to go with the same old classics every year: joint papers, hemp wick, and lighters. Why not shake things up this Christmas and gift your friends some unique snacks they’ll be excited to eat? VapeMarkdown carries a vast selection of hard-to-find snacks, from regional favorites that aren’t typically available in America to limited-edition flavors of familiar classics. Your friend who always has the munchies will thank you for it! 

2. Gifts for the Cannabis Extract Lover

The Clear line of Elite premium THC distillate extracts

We all have our favorite ways to consume cannabis. If you have someone on your list this year who prefers extracts, The Clear has you covered. We’ve been loving their Elite line of premium THC distillate — it’s incredibly pure and just as potent. Best of all, it comes in several forms. Choose the all-in-one for cannaseurs who prefer convenience, a cartridge for your friend with the high-tech vape, or the preloaded syringe for the person on your list with an impressive dab rig.

3. Festive Gifts For the Flower Fan

Mello cannabis flower - Drip Station

If your friend likes herb, on the other hand, you can’t go wrong with top-quality flower from Mello dispensaries. Choosing cultivars for someone else can be intimidating, but Mello’s budtenders are some of the best in the business, and their innovative cannabis description system gives you a surefire way to pick out flower you know everyone on your list will love.  

4. Presents for the Fashion-Forward Cannabis Connoisseur

Nova Farms' high-quality cannabis sweatshirt

If you’re shopping for a friend with a killer sense of style, it’s hard to beat Nova Farms’ merch. This MA-based dispensary carries some of our favorite cannabis products and has the coolest cannabis-themed accessories on the market this holiday season. A high-quality sweatshirt from Nova Farms will let your friends show off their style and love for cannabis simultaneously, and it’ll keep them cozy when they’re out caroling. This winter, visit Nova Farms in Attleboro, Framingham or Dracut, MA, for stylish swag and delectable dispensary offerings.

5. Great Gifts For the On-the-Go Dabber

The Rover, an innovative portable dab rig

The Rover, an innovative portable dab rig, is the perfect gift for the most adventurous stoner on your holiday shopping list. We love Dip Devices’ newest piece because it packs the punch of a powerful electric dab rig in a handheld package. Rover’s quartz chamber and terp pearls ensure every hit will be as high quality as a hit from a rig with a footprint — and price tag — that’s twice the size, keeping your friend’s holiday spirits high wherever they go.

6. Exciting Gifts For the Cannabinoid-Curious

Vivimu’s cannabinoid gummies

Traditional THC-dominant cannabis products are great, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re shopping for a friend who prefers minor cannabinoids or simply doesn’t live in a state where THC is legal, Vivimu’s cannabinoid gummies are a great gift option. With countless flavors and cannabinoid combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find something festive for every cannabis consumer on your list. 

7. Sports Swag for Game Day Stoners

Rep Your State of Mind's Boston State of Mind Celtics Unisex Champion tie-dye hoodie

This holiday season, score the ultimate gift for the sports-loving stoner in your life with Rep Your State of Mind’s Boston State of Mind Celtics Unisex Champion tie-dye hoodie. It’s game day, baby, and it’s time to Rep Your State of Mind in true Celtics style!

This eye-catching hoodie isn’t just a fashion statement; it’s a statement of support for healthy cannabis lifestyles and cannabis law reform. Created by Certified Cannabis Health Coach and educator Michelle Crawford, Rep Your State of Mind is a pro-cannabis brand dedicated to destigmatizing cannabis use and advocating for patient rights.

8. Holiday Cheer For the Cannabis Cultivators

TrimCraft9 precision automatic trimming scissors from Cloudious9

Plant people know you can never have too many plants or plant accessories. If you have a friend with an enviable home grow setup, you can help take their garden to the next level with the gift of the TrimCraft9 precision automatic trimming scissors from Cloudious9. These trimmers can handle anything from sappy evergreen sprigs to sticky cannabis stalks, making your favorite home grower’s holiday — and harvest — a little bit happier. 

9. A Present for the Toker with a Sense of Classic Stoner Humor

Take a trip to one of the newly opened Cheech & Chong's Dispensorias in Whately, Greenfield, or Northampton, MA.

For the stoner who appreciates a good chuckle alongside their bud, skip the generic gifts and give them an experience they’ll never forget: a trip to one of the newly opened Cheech & Chong’s Dispensorias in Whately, Greenfield, or Northampton, MA.

The iconic comedy duo behind classics like “Up in Smoke” have brought their laid-back vibes and legendary humor to an immersive dispensary experience designed to transport you into the world of Cheech & Chong. Think vibrant lounges, stages perfect for impromptu jam sessions, and walls adorned with Cheech & Chong-inspired art. Of course, you’ll also have access to a curated selection of high-quality cannabis products, knowledgeable budtenders ready to guide you through your options, and maybe even a chance to catch an appearance by the legendary duo.

10. Ethical Gifts For the Socially Conscious Stoner

Donate to the Last Prisoner Project this winter

For the friend who’s always at a protest or activism event, you can’t beat a socially-conscious gift like a donation in their name to The Last Prisoner Project. This organization is dedicated to ending incarceration for cannabis, and we’re massive supporters of their critical work. A donation to an organization like this one also makes an excellent gift for a cannabis connoisseur who already has it all — and it’s a great way to do some good this holiday season, too, whether you’re donating on behalf of someone else or just because it’s the season to give.  

Cannabis Christmas Gifts for Everyone on Your List

For cannabis consumers in Massachusetts and beyond, the winter holidays are a great time to celebrate with family and friends. Gifting cannabis is a great way to make those celebrations a bit merrier! No matter what you’re checking off your Christmas shopping list — or putting on your own wish list — Heady Treasures wishes you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. 

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