If you’re tired of puffing on the same old beloved joints, blunts, and dab pens and want something that delivers cleaner flavor, smoother hits, and a longer-lasting sesh, you must check out Purple Rose Supply’s cannagar molds. I was lucky enough to try one out, and I can attest that these cannagar press kits deliver everything that Purple Rose Supply promises — and more. 

What is a Cannagar?

Cannagars, also known as cannabis cigars, canna cigars, or weed cigars, are handheld smoking methods made of compressed, cured cannabis flower (and sometimes concentrates). They are often rolled in a hemp wrap, so they contain absolutely no tobacco or nicotine. 

Cannagars are modern descendants of Thai Sticks, a traditional smoking method created by native Thai people. Thai Sticks are made with layers of cannabis flower, concentrates, and hemp wick, and are traditionally cured for several weeks. Cannagars are significantly easier to make — especially if you use one of Purple Rose Supply’s cannagar mold kits. 

Are Cannagar Molds Worth It?

Short answer: yes, absolutely. Long answer: yes, and here’s why. 

Cannagar Mold Price


Purple Rose Supply’s blunt rolling kits range in price from $45 to $55, depending on the size you go for. The company sells numerous accessories to take your cannagar to the next level, from hemp wraps to CannaTubes to store your creations in. The basic cannagar kit includes everything you need to make your first few cannagars, minus standard rolling papers. 

For comparison, a high-end cannagar from a dispensary will easily run you over $100. A cannagar kit is half that much, and once you have flower to fill it with, you can create an infinite amount of cannagars without investing more money. If you roll more than a single cannagar (which I can guarantee you will), the mold is well worth the investment. 

Canna Cigar Mold Ease of Use


The only reason I’m knocking half a point off of this score is because there is a bit of a learning curve when figuring out how to use a cannagar mold, but the same can be said of any smoking method.

Once you do figure out how to use a cannagar mold, it’s exponentially easier than rolling a joint or a blunt. All you have to do is pack the mold with flower, pop it out, roll or slide it into your wrap of choice (I used one of Purple Rose Supply’s pre-rolled paper hemp shells), and add a mouthpiece — no finesse required.

Purple Rose Cannagar Press Quality


I was pleasantly surprised by how high-quality this mold is. It’s made from thick, rigid with a really nice heft, and the hinge and clasp are made from metal (in the company’s signature purple, which is a fun detail). I can see it lasting a very long time with proper care. 

The only “moving part,” so to speak, is the packing tool. It’s big enough that it shouldn’t be too easy to lose, but things happen when you have a cannagar in play. Luckily, Purple Rose Supply offers replacement packing tools on their website starting at just $3. 

Cannagar Smoking Experience


I changed the rating scale for this part, because cannagars really are that good. Purple Rose Supply promises that cannagars made with their molds will burn smoothly and evenly, deliver superior flavor, and last for hours — and they’re completely right. 

A properly rolled cannagar will burn smoothly and evenly every time, with no surprise canoes or blowouts as with joints or blunts. Cannagars are delicious, too. They let you taste every nuance of terpene-rich, high-end strains, and they can elevate even the most humble homegrowns. My cannagars have all lasted for several smoke sessions and produced smooth hits the entire time, even down to the roach.

Roll Your Own Cannagars with Purple Rose Supply

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, heavy weed smoker, or just appreciate life’s finer things, I wholeheartedly recommend Purple Rose Supply’s cannagar molds. I can honestly say that cannagars are my new favorite way to smoke, and thanks to the mold, handmade cannagars have also become my go-to gift for special occasions. You can check out what Purple Rose Supply has to offer and get your own cannagar kit here.

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