Phoenician Grinder Review

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      Phoenician Engineering made grinders are the standard for medical grade devices which complement various herbal medicines. These high-quality grinders have been engineered to achieve medical-grade status given their durability, functionality and sterilization processes. Phoenician Engineering set a new standard in the evolution of grinders by completely re-designing the classic herb grinder and giving it a more modern look and added superior functionality.

      The exterior of the grinder features a brushed-metallic, post-anodized, ultra-fine coating that is virtually scratch resistant and beautifully finished. The unique aesthetic in the appearance is a result of the innovative grip design. This superior grip design allows patients to sheer their medical grade herbs with ease.

      The patented tooth design has been rigorously engineered to provide the perfect combination of consistency and smoothness. With half the amount of teeth found in a typical grinder, these diametrically cut teeth mimic the mechanics of a pair of scissors thus creating a more friction-less shearing motion rather than a smashing grinding motion.

“These diametrically cut teeth mimic the mechanics of a pair of scissors thus creating a more friction-less shearing motion rather”

      The Phoenician Engineering patented thread lock design is a one-of-a-kind design that ultimately makes anything else seem inferior. Technically, it’s not even a threaded design. The typical threaded design in grinders–or anything else that needs to be screwed or capped on–can result in the two pieces getting jammed or even locked out of place. Phoenician made grinders completely eliminates this nuisance with a single notch that locks and unlocks the pieces and allows them to be connected in any position. Each of the components feature this design resulting in quicker and more convenient use. This modern feature also eliminates any pollen from getting stuck in the threads which would cause more friction making it harder to use and also losing out on all of the good pollen.

      Phoenician Grinders make collecting pollen easy with their stainless steel mesh screens. Like every other aspect of these grinders, the mesh screens have been made to exceed the expectations of functionality and reward. These screens are built to last and are easily replaceable with its single screw making Phoenician Engineering grinders the first replaceable, fully customize-able grinders. The pollen catcher is made from an ultra smooth concave dish that collects pollen with ease.

“The pollen catcher is made from an ultra smooth concave dish that collects pollen with ease”

      What truly sets this brand apart–committing Phoenician Engineering made grinders to the “medical-grade” standard–are the comprehensive cleaning, decontamination and sterilization processes set in a clean room environment for each and every grinder–yielding superior quality and value to the user.

      The sterilization process sources domestic DFARS certified material and implements the FDA approved medical device packaging and sterilization standards that you would expect from any legitimate medical device. These medical-grade grinders are packaged in a sterilized medical pouch and come complete with their own unique serial number. Phoenician Engineering wants users to know that when they obtain one of their grinders, it will quite literally be the last grinder that you will ever need to buy. A lifetime warranty is included for each and every grinder, covering the functionality aspects such as the teeth, lock notch’s and screen braces.

      The term medical is much more than a sales rhetoric. It is a commitment to a certain quality outreached by the highest-quality of standards. The Phoenician Engineering brand has achieved such a status with their products. Phoenician Engineering grinders are an evolution in itself. Designed for users and medical patients alike.

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